Why do I Need a Dental Implant?


When you've lost a tooth, or a tooth has been damaged beyond repair by injury or decay, you'll need to consider your alternatives. Living without one or more of your teeth can be painful and unhealthy. It can also destroy your confidence, and make you reluctant to smile or speak naturally. Temporary or impermanent replacements, such as a bridge or dentures, can fill in the gap, but they will not look or feel the same as your natural teeth, and can cause other problems, including damage to otherwise healthy teeth that are being used to support the artificial device, bone loss, and deterioration in the bone structure of your face.


Dental implants can be used to replace one or more of your teeth in a manner that is durable, beautiful, and that mimics your natural tooth structure. A Dental implant can be made to look and feel so natural that it will seem – to you and to others – like your natural tooth.

The process involves titanium cylinders placed into the jawbone to support the replacement teeth. Because the titanium bonds with the jaw bone, in a process termed “osseointegration”, it creates a strong foundation, allowing your replacement teeth to look and perform like natural teeth.


With the latest advances in technology and treatment procedures, dental implants have become routinely excellent and have shown long term success for patients. Implants and implant supported crowns, bridges and dentures are the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth