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10 Signs It's Time To See A Dentist. **No. 8 will shock you!

1. Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold

2. Your gums are puffy and/or they bleed when you brush or floss

3. You have fillings, crowns, dental implants, dentures, etc.

4. You don’t like the way your smile or teeth look

5. You have persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth

6. You are pregnant

7. You have a medical condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders or are HIV positive.

8. Your mouth is often dry.

9. You smoke or use other tobacco products.

10. You are undergoing medical treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy or hormone replacement therapy.

11. Your jaw sometimes pops or is painful when opening and closing, chewing or when you first wake up; you have an uneven bite.

There is no one-size-fits-all dental treatment. Some people need to visit the dentist once or twice a year; others may need more visits. You are a unique individual, with a unique smile and unique needs when it comes to keeping your smile healthy.

Schedule a consultation with us today. Till next time ~ The team at Bona Dental Clinic

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