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  • Bona Dental Team

Is Chewing and Swallowing Gum Bad For You?

If you've ever swallowed a piece of gum before, this news probably left an uncomfortable lump (both literally and figuratively) in your throat.  The good news: It's not going to kill you. The bad news..

  • No matter what type of gum you're chewing, if you're doing it round-the-clock you're going to have some serious effects on your mouth. For one, you're going to give your jaw a serious workout, which could lead to tension in your jaw and headaches. 

  • Second, you'll put wear, tear, and "aging" on your teeth, including causing them to become more sensitive to hot/cold temps and pressure.    

  • Third, you'll feed cavities. It's like an "all day buffet" for cavity-causing bacteria if you're not chewing sugar-free gum. (Sugar-free gum is the kind loaded with sugar alcohols... talk about a lose-lose.)

  • Lastly, it's going to exacerbate any involuntary grinding or jaw clenching you already have going on (Helloooo, stress headaches.)

The takeaway? As innocent as the stuff might seem, excessive amounts of gum simply aren't great for you. In the grand scheme of things, having this as a vice isn't the end of the world—it's a whole lot better than some alternatives—but if you're popping an extreme amount, it might be time to blow your last bubble.

Till next time! ~ the team at Bona Dental Clinic

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